When will my package ship?

Packages are shipped by 9 am CST on Mondays. If you purchased an item on Friday, it will be shipped on Monday. If you make a purchase at 9:02 am on Monday, it will be shipped out the following Monday. We want to ensure your package makes it safely to your home so each package must be carefully inspected before it’s handed off for delivery.

    What countries do you ship to?

    As of right now we only ship to the Contiguous United States. We love all of our fans across the globe and our goal is to get buttery goods to you as soon as we are able!

      Can I get my order faster?

      Give us a shout if you need your package sooner. We’ll see what we can do.

        How should I wash my new favorite shirt?!

        The following are suggestions for properly caring for your precious Butterscotch apparel. However, you can wash your clothes how you see fit. It’s your shirt!
        • Turn your shirt inside out. Friction can cause the design to loosen and flake, so always remember to turn your t-shirt inside out before you wash it.
        • Use the gentle cycle because like you, your shirt is delicate and should be treated with the utmost care.
        • Use cold water.
        • Hang to dry or lay flat...the dryer is not your friend.

        Will you send alerts for out of stock items or when new items arrive?

        Currently, all BSID users who receive newsletters will get notifications regarding future merch updates, including new stuff and temporally-locked price distortions. Don't have a BSID? Sign up here!

        Returns & Exchanges

        Please review our return policy.

          Don’t see your specific question, send us a note!